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        .         1.  Hibernate Introduction


2.  Advantages of Hibernate over JDBC


3.  ORM (Object Relational Mapping)


4.  Hibernate Resources

  Configuration xml file

  Mapping xml file

  Persistent class

  Client application.


5.  Hibernate architecture


6.  Installation and Directory Structure


7.  Hibernate Data Types.


8.  First Application using Hibernate.


9.  Hibernate API






10.  CRUD operations using Session methods.


11. Hibernate Pojo states


12.  Versioning


13.  Primary key Generators










  Custom generator


15.  Hibernate Query Language (HQL)


16.  Native SQL


17.  Criteria API


18.  Inheritance in Hibernate

  Table Per Class

  Table Per Sub-class

  Table Per Concrete Class


19.  Relations

  one to many

  many to one 

  many to many

  one to one 


20. Hibernate Annotations      


21.  Hibernate Caching

  First level Cache(Session cache) 

  Second level Cache(SessionFactory cache)


22.  Connection pool

  Default pool 

  Third party vendor connection pool

  Server supplied pool


23.  Hibernate Interceptors


24.  Hibernate Filters


25. Hibernate Batch Processing


26. Connecting with Multiple Databases (postgre SQL, HypersonicSQL)


27.  Integration


  Hibernate and struts

  Hibernate and spring