Faculty Name : Mr. Ram Duration : 5 hours
Start Date : 17th Oct Start Time : 9:30 AM
Fee : 300 Course Type : Workshops

                                   LOG4J CONTENTS

1)   Log4j Introduction

2)   What is Logging

3)   Advantages of Logging

4)   How Logging Works

5)   Popular Java  based Logging APIS

6)   JDK Logging API

7)   Apache Log4j

8)   Commons Logging API

9)   Understanding Apache Log4j

10) Installing Log4j

11) Architecture of Log4j

12) Main Components in Log4j

a )Loggers
b) Layouts
c) Appenders

13)  Logger Object methods

    a) debug
b )info

14)         Sample programs   by using components 

15)        What are different types of layouts Objects

16)        Layout Hierarchy     

17)        Examples by using different types of layouts

18)        What are different types of Appender Objects

19)        Formatting Logger Information in Log4j

 20)        Different types of examples of Appender objects

21)        What is programmatic  approach

22)        Disadvantages in programmatic   approach

23)        Configuration of Log4j (Declarative Approach)

a)   XML-Style Configuration (By Using XML File)

b)   Properties Style Configuration (By using Properties file)

24)        Various examples on declarative approach

25)        Enabling Log4j with JEE Applications

26)        JDBC with log4j integration

27)        Servlet with log4j Integration

28)        Struts with log4j integration

29)        Hibernate with Log4j Integration

30)        Spring MVC with log4j integration

31)        Project with log4j Integration