Pre Session Topics

1. Development Environment


         Apache Tomcat


2. Java Concepts

         JVM Internals




Spring Core


3. Introduction to Spring

         Introduction to Inversion of Control

         The Spring application context

         XML configuration

         Working with existing singletons and factories

         Working with multiple configuration files

4.Understanding the Bean Life Cycle

         XML namespaces

         Initialization, use, and destruction phases

         Externalizing constant values into properties files

         Bean scopes

5. Simplifying Application Configuration

         Bean definition inheritance

         Inner beans

         Dependency injection of collections

         Spring Expression Language (SpEL)

6.Annotation-Based Dependency Injection

         Autowiring and component scanning

         Stereotype annotations

         Java-based configuration

         Mixing configuration styles

         When to use XML, annotations, and Java configuration


Aspect-Oriented Programming

7.Aspect-Oriented Programming

         What problems does AOP solve?

         Differences between Spring AOP and AspectJ

         Defining pointcut expressions

         How to use the types of advice: around, before, after

Spring Dao


8. Data Access and JDBC with Spring

         How Spring integrates with existing data access technologies

         DataAccessException hierarchy

         jdbc namespace

         Simplifying jdbc access using the Spring JdbcTemplate


9. Integrating Spring with Hibernate

         Quick introduction to ORM with Hibernate

         Benefits of using Spring with Hibernate

         Hibernate configuration in Spring

         Exception handling

10.Database Transactions with Spring

         Declaring a Spring Transaction Manager

         @Transactional annotation

         Configuring isolation levels

         Configuring transaction propagation

         Transactions and integration testing








Spring MVC

Spring in a Web Application

         Introduction to Spring MVC


         Configuring Spring in a Web application (using Spring MVC)

         Defining Spring MVC controllers using annotations


         Working with Spring interceptors

         Message source

         MVC namespace (new in Spring 3.0)

12. Managing Layouts in Spring MVC

         Page layout and structure

         Creating reusable templates with Apache tiles

         Configuring tiles in Spring MVC

         Spring MVC in the view layer



13.Site Personalization with Spring MVC

         Working in several languages: internationalization support in Spring MVC

         Look-and-feel changes using themes


14. Spring Security

         What problems does Spring Security solve?

         Configuring authentication