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Redhat Linux Course Training

Redhat Linux Course Training Content & Details


Redhat Linux Course training in Hyderabad provided by Sreenu Technologies, Hyderabad. We provide IT trainings based on corporates standards that helps students to be prepare for industries. Sreenu Technologies offers best Redhat Linux training in Hyderabad. Sreenu Technologies is one of the best result oriented Redhat Linux Training Institute in Hyderabad, offers best practically, experimental knowledge in Redhat Linux training in ameerpet also. At Sreenu Technologies Redhat Linux training is conducted by 8+ years of experience in managing real-time projects. Sreenu Technologies Hyderabad, is providing advanced level of Redhat Linux Training with live projects with 100% placement assistance with top industries. Here, at Sreenu Technologies's laboratory are well-structured for Redhat Linux training in Hyderabad where contenders learn the career oriented skills to uphold the career path. Our Redhat Linux training course has designed according to the latest technologies which are using in corporation at high level. Sreenu Technologies structured Redhat Linux course content and syllabus in Hyderabad according to student's requirement to be prepare for industries through which candidates can easily get placement in their dreamed companies and corporations.

  • Redhat Linux is a testing process that is carried out manually in order to find defects without the usage of tools or automation scripting.
  • A test plan document is prepared that acts as a guide to the testing process in order to have the complete test coverage.

    Redhat Linux Syllabus

    • Introduction to Redhat Linux
      • Introduction to Linux
      • History of UNIX & Linux
      • Basic Concepts of Operating System
      • File System of Linux
    • Getting Started
      • Logging In And Starting A Terminal
      • Basic Shell Commands
      • Creating, Removing
      • Copying, Moving files & Directories
    • VIM Editor
      • Introduction to VIM
      • Basic VIM workflow
    • Group Management
      • Creating Groups
      • Group Membership
    • User Management
      • Creating Users
      • Modifying Users
      • Deleting Users
      • Password Policy
      • Changing Passwords
      • Adding & Removing Users to Groups
      • Switching Users
      • Using Sudo
    • Filesystem Management
      • Controlling Access to Files
      • Applying File System Access Control List (ACL)
      • Restricting a particular user to use a file or directory
    • Installation
      • Linux Installation 6 & 7
      • Installation of JAVA, Maven and Setting path

Redhat Linux Course Duration : 30 Days

Sreenu Technologies Providing Redhat Linux Classroom and Redhat Linux Online Training

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