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B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCA Acadamic Projects

B.Tech, M.Tech, MBA, MCA Acadamic Projects Training Details

For fresher’s, academic projects work as an anchor to hook with desired job and give us shining career. This is first and last thought we all have but making a peculiar project cannot be done by Google search. We all seek professionals for unconditional guidance abilities with uncounted experience which is hard to find at one place. Final year projects are key for stable career so students spend a lot of time from beginning of final yr session in planning, scheduling, searching latest related technologies, topics, and titles and how could we make it stand out. Sreenu Technologies is ending your fuss and sourcing you best ready projects for final year with guidance, in depth training and Documentation etc.

  • 1. A Novel Single Switch Resonant Power Converter for Renewable Energy Generation Applications
  • 2. A Bidirectional Switch Based Wide Input Range High Efficiency Isolated Resonant Converter for Photovoltaic Applications
  • 3. A Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Based on Switched Capacitor for High Frequency AC Power Distribution System
  • 4. A Hybrid Symmetrical Voltage Multiplier
  • 5. A Half Bridge LLC Resonant Converter Adopting Boost PWM Control Scheme for Hold Up State Operation
  • 6. An Adjustable Speed PFC Bridgeless Buck Boost Converter Fed BLDC Motor Drive
  • 7. Novel Bidirectional Snubberless Naturally Commutated Soft Switching Current Fed Full Bridge Isolated DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell Vehicles
  • 8. Active Common Mode Filter for Ground Leakage Current Reduction in Grid Connected PV Converters Operating With Arbitrary Power Factor
  • 9. Soft Switching Single Phase Grid Connecting Converter Using DCM Operation and a Turn Off Snubber Capacitor
  • 10. Common Mode and Differential Mode Active Damping for PWM Rectifiers