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Spark Training

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Spark Training in Sreenu Technologies Hyderabad.

Sreenu Technologies offers training in updated technologies like Spark with most experienced professionals working in MNC’s from years having sound knowledge with real time oriented scenarios. We are focussed of the industry needed updated technologies like Spark which provide huge scope for career growth.We have structured the concepts of Spark to match with the industry requirements for both beginner stage to advanced stages. We have scheduled Spark training in different modes like classroom,weekend,online and corporate level services based on the need of the participant.

We provide the best subject training on Spark where one can easily grab all the possible better opportunities in the industry.Our training also covers certification level of standards to be a certified professional in Spark. We provide complete assistance support to our trained Spark participants for their career goal.Spark training program will be justified with nominal fee structure and provides good confidence to your career.

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    Spark Syllabus

  • 1. Apache Spark
  • Introduction to Apache Spark
  • Why Spark
  • Batch Vs. Real-Time Big Data Analytics
  • Batch Analytics – Hadoop Ecosystem Overview
  • Real-Time Analytics Options
  • Streaming Data – Storm
  • In Memory Data – Spark, what is Spark?
  • Spark benefits to Professionals
  • Limitations of MR in Hadoop
  • Components of Spark
  • Spark Execution Architecture
  • Benefits of Apache Spark
  • Hadoop vs Spark
  • 2. Introduction to Scala
  • Features of Scala
  • Basic Data Types of Scala
  • Val vs Var
  • Type Inference
  • REPL
  • Objects & Classes in Scala
  • Functions as Objects in Scala
  • Anonymous Functions in Scala
  • Higher Order Functions
  • Lists in Scala
  • Maps
  • Pattern Matching
  • Traits in Scala
  • Collections in Scala
  • EBS persistent storage
  • 3. Spark Core Architecture
  • Spark & Distributed Systems
  • Spark for Scalable Systems
  • Spark Execution Context
  • What is RDD
  • RDD Deep Dive and Dependencies
  • RDD Lineage
  • Spark Application In Depth and Spark Deployment
  • Parallelism in Spark
  • Caching in Spark
  • 4. Spark SQL
  • Spark Transformations, Actions, Cluster and SQL Introduction
  • Spark Data Frames
  • Spark SQL with CSV, JSON, and Database
  • 5. Spark Streaming
  • Features of Spark Streaming
  • Micro Batch
  • Dstreams
  • Transformations on Dstreams
  • Spark Streaming Use Case

Spark Course is Duration : 30 Days

Sreenu Technologies Providing Spark Classroom and Online Training

Morning:- 07:30AM

Evening:- 07:30PM

Weekends:- 09:00AM to 04:30PM