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RPA - Ui Path Course Training

RPA - Ui Path Course Training Content & Details


Sreenu Technologies offers best training in updated technologies like Robotic Process Automation which is highly demand in the industry with most experienced professionals working in MNC’s with real time oriented scenarios.We are focussed on the industry needed technologies like Robotic Process Automation which provide huge scope for vast career growth.RPA is applying digital workforce for mundane,daily routine tasks and human errors can be avoided, productivity can be increased. So companies are looking to work with such Robotic Process Automation tools like Ui Path,UiPath and Automation Anywhere. Robotic Process Automation is creating new career opportunities and various challenges in BPO/ITes providers etc. The classroom training and Online RPA Training in Sreenu Technologies enhances knowledge in boosting productivity that enables full automation of end-to-end processes. The career opportunities are high for the Certified Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Individuals to face Real world challenges to double the income.

Ui Path Training

Ui-Path is also one of the leading process automation tool in the market. A UiPath software tool robot aims to manipulate the presentation layer of application software in the same manner a human does.

Sreenu Technologies recognized as one the best Robotic Process Automation training center in hyderabad. We are providing Ui Path, UiPath and Automation Anywhere training in hyderabad.

We are provide RPA training classes in hyderabad on weekdays and weekends. Even we have online training classes for outside people. Our Robotic Process Automation training in hyderabad handled by a working professionals who has in-depth experience of working Robotic Process Automation automation tool.

We teach you advanced programming concepts to help candidates to easily understand coding related work in Robotic Process Automation training.

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  • Introduces Robotic Process Automation, and provides guidance on building a capability as well as an overview of the Ui Path software that underpins the platform.
  • Imagine a different kind of workforce that you can teach countless skills. The more it learns, the more efficient it becomes. It works without ever taking a vacation. It can be small one day or large when your business hits a spike. And it frees up your best people in both the line of business and IT to do their best work on your highest priorities. Meet the Software Robots – the Virtual Workforce.


  • Introduction To RPA - Ui Path
  • What is Robotic Process Automation
  • Natural language processing and RPA
  • How Robotic Process Automation works!
  • Why to automate repetitive tasks/process
  • RPA Solution Architecture Patterns – Key Considerations
  • Input Data Handling Solution Pattern
  • Exception Handling
  • Transaction Logging
  • Credential Management
  • Secure Execution
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • List of Robotic Process Automation Tools
  • Robotic Process Automation Tool selection Checklist

  • Flowchart
  • Sequence
  • Modular
  • Variables
  • Data Manipulation
  • Recording
  • Documentation
  • Tool Activities
  • Advanced UI Interaction
  • About UI Elements
  • UI Activities Properties
  • Input Methods
  • Example of Using Input Methods
  • Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  • Examples of Using Output or Screen Scraping Methods
  • About Web Scraping
  • Example of Using Web Scraping
  • About Data Scraping
  • Example of Using Data Scraping
  • Selectors
  • Image and Text Automation
  • Mouse and Keyboard Activities

  • JS, VM Ware, Business Analyst, IOT
  • Text Activities
  • OCR Activities
  • Image Activities
  • Mouse and Keyboard Automation
  • Text Automation
  • OCR and Image Automation

RPA - BLUE PRISM Course is Duration : 30 Days

Sreenu Technologies Proide Classroom and Online Training

Morning:- 07:30AM

Evening:- 07:30PM

Weekends:- 09:00AM to 04:30PM